Impact Glass: How it works

Tinted Impact Glass for maximum privacy


Thatís what you see from outside / exterior reflection

Thatís what you see looking outside

Additional glass layer

Better quality impact windows or doors have an additional glass layer to improve energy efficiency and noise reduction.


Argon gas filling

Best quality impact windows or doors have an Argon gas filling of the space between the impact glass and the additional glass layer for† maximum energy efficiency.



Impact windows are available with Aluminum or Vinyl framing.

Aluminum framing is much more durable than Vinyl framing, but on the other hand side Vinyl framing is more energy efficient than Aluminum framing.

A good indication for a better quality is: As thicker the framing as better the window/door



The sealing between the glass layers and the frame is the most important for the durability and the energy efficiency of the window.

Impact Glass -

Different shapes


Due to the fact, that there are so many different shapes of Impact windows are available, we an make sure that Ornament facades stay untouched.

Impact Glass (Hurricane Glass) is made of 2 layers of glass and have a thin sheet of laminate between them.

Like a carís windshield, the Impact Glass can be destroyed, but the sheet of laminate prevents shattering of the glass.

Impact Glass Quality

There are different qualities of Impact Windows and Doors on the market. Here are some aspects you need to know.

Explosion 2:

per sq ft
for projects > 150 sq ft

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